There are 8 sections with a total of 70 show classes that can be entered into The Henbury Flower Show in 2024.  Entrants are allowed one entry per class. 

Vegetable & Fruit Classes – Section A (Judge: Jane Voke)

Class No:

  1. 5 tomatoes (on the vine or not)
  2. 5 pods of peas
  3. 5 pods of broad beans
  4. 5 french beans
  5. 3 potatoes – red or white (display on plate provided)
  6. 3 onions
  7. 3 beetroot – trimmed (display on plate provided)
  8. 3 courgettes
  9. 3 of any other vegetable not mentioned elsewhere (with trimmed/cropped tops)
  10. A collection of vegetables, one each of four distinct kinds
  11. A collection of 4 fresh herbs (2 sprigs of each) displayed in a half pint glass/ container. Name of herbs to be given.
  12. A misshapen vegetable
  13. 3 sticks of rhubarb – trimmed
  14. A bowl of 3 different summer fruits – at least 3 of each
  15. Red, black and/or white currants – 7 strings in total

Flower & Plant Classes – Section B (Judge: Chris Carroll)

Class No:

  1. Vase of mixed roses – 3 stems
  2. 1 specimen rose – named if possible
  3. 5 sweet pea stems in a vase
  4. A vase of flowers not classified above (one kind only, no other foliage). Max. width 12in/30cm
  5. Your best cut flower.
  6. A container of floating flowers. Max. diameter 8in/20cm
  7. A cactus. Max pot diameter 5in/12.5cm
  8. A succulent other than a cactus. Max pot diameter 5in/12.5cm
  9. A vase of mixed garden flowers – only include foliage belonging to flower. Max. width 16in/40 cm
  10. A vase of mixed garden foliage. Max. width 16in/40cm
  11. A vase of stems, 1 of each from 3 different types of shrubs. Max. width 12in/30cm
  12. Indoor flowering plant. Max. pot diameter 7 in/17.5cm
  13. Indoor foliage plant. Max. pot diameter 7 in/17.5cm
  14. Hardy pot plant (flowering or foliage). Max. pot diameter 9in/23cm

Flower Arrangements – Section C (Judge: Peter Day)

Class No:

  1. ‘Celebration of Summer.’ An exhibit – Space allowed. max. 16in/40cm width by 12in/30cm depth
  2. Table arrangement for a special occasion. State occasion. max. size not to exceed 12in/30cm by 12 in/30 cm. Any height.
  3. ‘Simplicity’. An arrangement. Max. size not to exceed 8in/20cm by 8in/20cm. Any height.
  4. A flower arrangement in a teacup/mug 
    a) for adults
    b) for children (under 12). Put a label with age
  5. An arrangement of small garden flowers and foliage in an eggcup

Flowers for Section C do not have to be home grown but must be capable of being grown locally at this time of year. Accessories may be used but no artificial plant material may be used. Please note sizes given are the maximum allowed, exhibits can be smaller! No restrictions on height.

Cookery – Section D (Judge: Natasha Purdy)

For hygiene reasons food must be covered with cling film

Class No:

  1. A plain Victoria sponge (7in/17.5cm or 8in/20cm) filled with jam & caster sugar on top
  2. A cut traybake
  3. An everyday fruit cake (8in/20cm max)
  4. 5 pieces of shortbread
  5. 5 muffins
  6. 5 scones of your choice
  7. 5 bread rolls
  8. A jar of homemade jam (clingfilm top preferred)
  9. A jar of homemade marmalade (clingfilm top preferred)
  10. A jar of homemade chutney (clingfilm top preferred)

Children’s – Section E (Judge: Daphne Spitzer)

Please write name and age on the back of entry, and school name if relevant

Class No:

7 yrs and under:

  1. Your favourite picture in any medium (max A4)
  2. Our school topic picture (max A4) any medium (write the topic on back of entry)
  3. A homemade celebratory card

8 to 11 yrs:

  1. Our school topic picture (max A4) any medium (write the topic on back of entry)
  2. Your favourite picture in any medium (max A4)

5 to 11 yrs:

  1. A Miniature garden on a seed tray or dinner plate (max size 10in/ 25cm diameter or length). Include label with age
  2. A creature made from vegetables and/or fruit – plus string, cocktail sticks etc. to aid in construction. Include label with age
  3. A decorated hardboiled egg in a container (e.g. egg cup) Include label with title and your age.

See also 33. b) in Flower Arrangements – Section C.

Handicraft & Needlecraft – Section F (Judge: Val Cave)

Please read description for each class carefully.

Class No:

  1. A knitted item garment
  2. A knitted item – other than a garment
  3. Papercraft – something made from paper or card e.g. a greeting card, origami
  4. An item that has been recycled and repurposed by the exhibitor, name of original item to be given
  5. An embroidered item, any medium
  6. Any soft item (e.g. crochet, patchwork, toy) not included elsewhere
  7. An item of hard craft – anything that is not flexible (e.g. jewellery, woodwork, metalwork, pottery)

Photography – Section G (Judge: John Taylor)

Max size A4 including mount.  Photos should be mounted/backed but not framed.

Class No:

  1. In the Garden
  2. Water
  3. Time and Motion
  4. Seasons
  5. ‘Full of Character’
  6. A comical photograph – include a caption

Art – Section H (Judge: Lucy Pedlar, Trymwood Studios)

Max size A3.  Pictures should be mounted/backed.

Class No:


  1. A landscape or seascape
  2. Still life
  3. A portrait
  4. Abstract

Young Adults (12 – 17):

(please write name and age on the back of entry, and school name if relevant)

  1. A picture in any medium (if it includes a specific theme or technique for course work, please give details on the back)